CLWA's Board and members are involved in many aspects of Crowe Lake -

  • WATER QUALITY: We perform regular Water Clarity checks throughout the season, and report the results to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

  • WATER LEVELS: Fluctuating water levels are as much a problem for people fishing and those boating. CLWA is actively involved in representing the best interests of those that use the Lake and the flora and fauna that live in and around it. We're always looking to strike the balance between conservation and the responsible use of Crowe Lake.

  • SAFETY: Placing Marker Buoys throughout the Lake every spring, and maintaining GPS mapping of every placement (our Members are always checking for new hazards and setting out new marker buoys...)


  • EVENTS: CLWA members are a driving force behind some of the most enjoyable events held on the Lake every year, like the Winter Fishing Derby and the annual pre-Canada Day Fireworks.



  • COMMUNITY: Most of our Board Members live in the area full-time, and are actively involved in many aspects of both the Havelock and Marmora communities.


  • VOLUNTEERING: Being a Board Member is a volunteer activity. Many of CLWA's members volunteer for various tasks and at different events throughout the year. That's how things get done!

    We need all the help we can get, both financially through membership renewals and new members, and also through the time and talent donated by volunteers.

CLWA is a not-for-profit association that represents almost 200 families that either live or cottage around Crowe Lake, along the Crowe River and Beaver Creek.


With over 180 paid-up memberships, the Association represents the interests of both members and non-members who enjoy life by and on the waters of the Crowe Lake Waterway.